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November 23, 2010: Open Comix Updates

Lemaire - The Tutor

Note: I would like to apologize for the lack of updates. I'm out of circulation for the past months and still busy taking care of my wife and our newborn baby girl, more than a month old through CS operation. Anyway, I will try to make some time for the updates. Have a nice day...

July 20, 2010: Open Comix Updates

M'Gurk - A Naughty Treasury Of Classic Fairy Tales

July 08, 2010: Rebuilding Updates

Fourth part of Artists Gallery is now online. (Gallery J-L)

June 28, 2010: Open Comix Updates

Lucas - Bought & Tamed

June 19, 2010: Open Comix Updates

Honey - The Honey Collection

June 12, 2010: Open Comix Updates

FM - Night Of Ecstasy

June 06, 2010: Rebuilding Updates

Third part of Artists Gallery is now online. (Gallery G-I)

May 31, 2010: Open Comix Updates

Amouriq (Gast)- Titi Fricoteur 1 & 2

May 24, 2010: Rebuilding Updates

Second part of Artists Gallery is now online. (Gallery D-F)

May 19, 2010: Open Comix Updates

Domingues - Why The Knights Disappeared

May 11, 2010: Open Comix Updates

Fevier - Devil's Kiss

May 3, 2010: Open Comix Updates

Villa - The Inca

April 28, 2010:

First part of Artists Gallery is done. Gallery A-C is now online, access level equivalent is silver member but anyone can access up to the artists bio if any.

I haven't listed any artists collection updates, it's just too many. See for yourself & I hope you'll be satisffied.

April 24, 2010:

Re-upload all not working artists galleries in open section & rearranged menu content in preparation of publishing the first part of artists gallery section (formerly silver section).

April 20, 2010: New Addition to Open Section

Chiyoji - Miss 130

April 20, 2010: Rebuilding Updates:

I've finished reencoding Altuna Collections due to some link error & bad code.

Finally I can continue rebuilding the first part of Artists Gallery (A-C), as I said it includes a lot of updates & done extensive research which lengthen the amount of time to finished it.

April 12, 2010: New Addition to Open Section

Olson - Julia & Male Lust

April 12, 2010: Rebuilding Updates:

Silver section is in the pipeline & it will be renamed to ARTISTS GALLERY. Rebuilding is a little bit harder than I thought but I'm sure you'll enjoy it when it's done.

I've divided it into 8 parts for easy navigation. The first part is 40% done & it includes a lot of updates.

April 2, 2010: New Addition to Open Section

Arcor - Boiling Pot 1 & 2
Benedetti - Revenge Of The Nymphomaniac
Manunta - Smooth Skin
Nicky - Rocking Girls (Collection is offline due to unavoidable circumstances)
Trinca - Pussy In Boots, The Punishment Parlor & Juicy Alice
Olson - Angels and Demons 1 & 2

April 2, 2010: Year 2010

A New Year indeed and we've finally gave some new life to our good old site. I think the new design represents ECC of it's simplicity and superb content.

This new design is still in it's infancy and we're rebuilding section by section. Still a lot of work to do and you can do your part by reporting any error and problem encountered at our online community. Any comments will be appreciated.