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ECC Supporters

We're not a pay-site as others claimed we are and we don't make money out of this site. Have you seen any banner ads well just a referral link to virtuagirl which I'm a collector myself. A Few donation helps a lot but not suffice for all the finances of running and maintaining a site. All comes out of my own pocket, why? I'm an ardent comix collector and I love to share.
We don't want your money but your friendship and company. You can have access to all of this through our forum membership ladder as stated in FORUM RULES.
If you still like to DONATE for the maintenance of Erotic Comix Collections. Any amount will be appreciated. You can email donation[at]i-ecc[dot]com for details on how to donate.
ECC VIP Donors :
A donation of 100USD or more wil be given a one year full access to comix site only as a token of our appreciation.

We are sorry that we can't include forum access. All forum members are bound to a strict rules and it's not fair for them. Hope you understand.

We need your help to keep this site alive!